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In this first official episode of Rise Up & Raise Hell! begins our start into the Initiation. Caitlyn and Arianna each give our own sort of manifesto of Initiation and what concept means to us from the posistion of the Goddess and Her mythos.

We also share passages from our favorite books we've been using to catalyst this project, including Goddess by Joseph Campbell, When God Was A Woman by Merlin Stone, and Reinventing Eve by Kim Chernin. 

We also talk about about our past experiences with abusive relationships, and the relationship with women and our sexual assault with the rape of the Earth. 

We also introduce our first challege of No Shave November! Let that armpit hair flow, y'all! And challenge men in your life to shave theirs--and see if he ever gives you shit for being hairy again!

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Thank you so much, and we wish you all the Knowledge and Strength in the Universe. 

Thank you so much, and we wish you all the Knowledge and Strength in the Universe. 

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the archetypal energies of the legends of Eve and Lilith. We use these stories to analyze how women have been viewed in history, where the legends came from, and why they take the forms they take. We explore how their story may have been used to push the agenda of the patriarchy, but still possesses the fundamental elements of the Goddess before she was stripped of her powers. We challenge you to find how you fit into these archetypes, and how you can embrace your inner Lilith and Eve, and how they are two sides of the same Goddess. 

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In this solo episode, I, Arianna, deep dive into the many symbols of the Goddess, the Herstory of the meaning of those symbols and their relevance in accordance to the current social structures and human evolution. 

Pigs and Bulls, Labyrinths and Caves. The importance of math in the expansion of the role of women and the Goddess. 

In this episode, we discuss the importance of connecting with your menstrual cycle, the importance of doing energetic body work as a means to heal your womb. The issues in the medical system and birth control and the patriarchal oppression that women are subjected to and how that disconnects us from our own bodies, nature, and our Mother Goddess. How yoga can help you cry and help your cramps. The difference between White Moon and Red Moon bleeding. 

We also talk about how awesome birth control is, and how everyone should be able to use it however they want. And any Western medicine—especially if in tandem with therapy and holistic medicine. 

What it feels like to “get it,” and how yoga helps with that. How it feels to constantly fight your ego, and how it’s basically hitting the snooze button on your life, and why that keeps us from doing the spiritual work we know we gotta do—or feel like we “should do.” Especially in the age of Instagram and “influencers.” We also discuss the issues with surrounding yourself in a spiritual bubble. The risk of the overturn of Roe vs Wade, and how the Republicans are trying to lump in Plan B into that reform. 

This episode is more chatty, and less script-y. We’re getting there :) Enjoy!

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Caitlyn and I discuss how the patriarchy colored the Gnostic Christian religion, and the slaying of the Cathars...and then a really long discussion of the probability of alien interference with human evolution, white people being aliens or genetically adjusted by aliens, and how Jesus was either an alien or not white, the pyramids, evolution, and dragons and angels copulating with humans, and other weird shit. 

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Happy Sunday!

More of me droning on about my personal life, exploring wildness vs. tameness in relationships (The Little Prince, anyone?) and conversations with my therapist. 

I swear, I'll write more shit soon. This journey is somewhat like drowning moreso than walking. 

Arianna Solo Ep! But this time, I'm actually on topic. Only a little bit of my personal life. Or less. Anyway.

Today, I explore the concept of "God is Love" and Goddess of Love (and War!)

Whether or not I'm destined to forever be in star-crossed relationships because my North Node of Aquarius is in my 12th House of Spirituality and Isolation. Ugh. 

How the patriarchy minimizes the power of Love Goddesses to one-dimensional sex-addicts.

Readings from The Little Prince and Goddesses in Everywoman.

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Happy Sunday!


-Arianna Nadine, notyourbasicwitch.

Sad bitch rants. Find your calling. Listen to what my therapist told me this week. Find out all about my being spiritually dead, miserable, sick, and how having a 401K isn't as cool as I thought. 

I didn't feel like finishing it. Maybe later. No shame. Bye!!!

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