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In this episode, we discuss the importance of connecting with your menstrual cycle, the importance of doing energetic body work as a means to heal your womb. The issues in the medical system and birth control and the patriarchal oppression that women are subjected to and how that disconnects us from our own bodies, nature, and our Mother Goddess. How yoga can help you cry and help your cramps. The difference between White Moon and Red Moon bleeding. 

We also talk about how awesome birth control is, and how everyone should be able to use it however they want. And any Western medicine—especially if in tandem with therapy and holistic medicine. 

What it feels like to “get it,” and how yoga helps with that. How it feels to constantly fight your ego, and how it’s basically hitting the snooze button on your life, and why that keeps us from doing the spiritual work we know we gotta do—or feel like we “should do.” Especially in the age of Instagram and “influencers.” We also discuss the issues with surrounding yourself in a spiritual bubble. The risk of the overturn of Roe vs Wade, and how the Republicans are trying to lump in Plan B into that reform. 

This episode is more chatty, and less script-y. We’re getting there :) Enjoy!

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